My Schoology Site

In a comment on my last post, my cousin Beth asked about seeing my class website. Beth isn’t an educator but takes great interest in youth and teaching. For her benefit, and that of others who are not in the field, I described the LMS that our district uses: Schoology. Here are a few screenshots from my Schoology site.

This (below) is the screen that students see when they click to access our 7th period Algebra class once they have logged into Schoology. On the right hand side, there is a calendar. The calendar events have been added by their teacher. I’ve added our Unit 1 homework assignments there. In the center, I have a folder for each unit of study. Right now, students only see a Unit 1 folder, but their list of folders will grow as the year progresses. (Students don’t see the “Add Materials” button at the top of the page. Only I have the ability to add materials.)


This (below) is what students see after they click on the Unit 1 folder and I have the other unit folders set up the same way. I post a PDF copy of every class handout here. If a student needs a second copy, they can come here to print one. So they have their unit agenda and packet at the top. Next I have a folder of instructional videos. I have recorded 10 minute lessons for almost everything I teach in Algebra. Students can use this videos to preview an upcoming lesson, catch-up on notes that they missed while absent or review a lesson that we’ve already covered in class. There is also a folder for homework/answer keys. I post answer keys only after we go over them in class. IXL is an online practice tool. In the IXL folder students can link to the IXL website and practice the specific topics that we’ve covered in class. Finally, I have an unpublished quiz in the folder. When the students are ready, I will publish the quiz (during class). They take the quiz online and get their score immediately. Not all topics are conducive to this type of assessment so this doesn’t exist in every folder.


This will be my second year using Schoology. I’m not an expert but I’ve attended and led several training sessions. Overall, I’m a fan and am happy to answer questions from other users or non-users.


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