An August Day in the Life of a Teacher

I started this blog a few years ago in an attempt to chronicle my attitudes, strategies, challenges and accomplishments as I move through my career. I also hoped to give insight to non-educators about what goes into this job, and what makes it a profession. My third goal was to start dialogue with anyone interested, about difficult decision points along the way. Since then, I’ve enjoyed reflecting in this way, but had trouble making it a priority. When I do find time to write I feel a lot of satisfaction, so this year I’m recommitting (as I have each August). I’ve joined with a group of teacher/bloggers on a “Day in the Life” project in an attempt to be more intentional about reflection and to stay accountable.

I’ll post on (or near) the 20th of each month between now and next August. The posts will take the form of a timeline through my day, whether it’s a school day, a Sunday, a vacation day or any other day. I’ll also post on several key dates throughout the year: the first day of school, a snow day, Keystone testing day, etc. The second layer is that there are about 20 other classroom teachers doing the same thing, on different days of the month. We’ll each post on our own personal blogs, but send the posts to so that you could theoretically read a new “Day in the Life” post each day.

One of my major goals this year is to become a better educator, to “level-up”, by taking care of my own physical and emotional health and being more present with my students. This will be the result of many small changes, from drinking more water to spending more time outdoors to intentional reflection like this! I’ve tried to create these habits before the start of school so that I can continue them through the more stressful parts of my year.

August 16, 2016
6am: The puppy is whining. Silently, I roll out of bed and take her outside. Put food in the bowl and go back to bed. I’m sleep-walking. I’ve developed muscle memory for scooping poop.

645am: The puppy is whining. It’s my godchild’s 18th birthday. Wow. Send her a snapchat message. Time to start my day.

9am: I’ve had a shower and a light breakfast. I discovered Greek yogurt this summer. I put “The Yoga Loft” in my GPS and head to my second beginner yoga class.

1045am: The instructor encourages us to remind ourselves of why we are here. I think about my goal for the year and start to silently repeat my 2016 mantra, “Peace is a choice”. I almost fall asleep during meditation. I pick up a schedule on my way out the door. I hope I can keep this up during the school year. Then I remember, focus on the present moment. I’m doing it now. That’s what matters.

1130am: Annette comes home for lunch between meetings today. It’s rare for us to eat lunch together, sitting down even! We talk about what needs to be done around the house this week. I text out an invitation for game-night tomorrow.

145pm: Email from the assistant principal. I will be paid with real money, instead of professional development credit, for the class I taught yesterday about our new electronic discipline referral system. Sweet! Spend much of the afternoon looking through standardized test data after a conversation with principal at school yesterday afternoon.

6pm: Make dinner… eat dinner… clean up dinner… feed dogs…

730pm: Target trip to stock our “supply closet” before September; we never find time to go to Target in September so we’ve made this an August tradition. Toilet paper, toothpaste, Swiffers, dish soap, Tide, etc.

9pm: Blanch and freeze a dozen ears of fresh corn to enjoy this winter when nothing tastes good. Water the new trees that were planted in our yard – strict watering schedule.

1030pm: Goodnight.

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