Goal Setting

This is an ever-growing list of ongoing goals for my Algebra class, which currently operates under a station-rotation model and for my Geometry class, which will change to a station-rotation model next fall.

  • Create Schoology sites for Algebra and Geometry. Include one folder for each unit of study. Include in each folder:
    • Hybrid Learning Agenda
    • Zaption Interactive Instructional Videos
    • Guided Notes Sheets
    • Practice Worksheets
    • IXL Assignments
    • At least one project description and rubric
    • At least one electronic quiz or other assessment
    • A unit review packet with interactive answer key
  • Create and/or revise classroom assessments so that they…
    • Include one ‘alternative’ project or presentation for each unit of Geometry
    • Ensure that all traditional tests have clear instructions
    • Ensure that point distribution of all traditional tests adequately represents the weight of skills tested
    • Ensure that all traditional tests include questions of DOK 1-4
    • Incorporate constructed response questions into unit tests
    • Create a semester-long Keystone-style project for each module of Algebra
  • Implement clear and efficient classroom practices/policies in the following areas:
    • Attendance/Lates/Absences
      • I need a routine for taking attendance and keeping track of lates and absences.
      • I need to get into a routine for reporting unexcused absences.
      • I need a more efficient procedure for students to find out what they owe after an absence (excused or unexcused) and a more consistent policy for how long they have to complete missed work.
    • Homework
      • I need a more effective way of communicating my expectations for homework.
      • I need to get into a routine for checking and recording whether or not homework was completed.
      • I need to develop a procedure for students to turn in late homework assignments.
    • Test retakes
      • I need to develop a policy for what students must do before they will be allowed to retake a test/quiz.
      • I need a procedure for students to request a retake.
    • Bathroom use
      • I need a bathroom policy that eliminates the rotating door effect.
      • I need a bathroom policy that stops students from missing instruction.
      • I need a better sign out procedure and a better pass.
    • Technology Use
      • I need a BYOD policy; what is allowed and what is not? when is it acceptable to use your device and when isn’t it?
    • Classroom materials
      • I need a procedure for signing out materials and ensuring that they are returned (pencils, headphones, calculators, ipads, rulers, etc)
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